5 Steps to Choosing an Addiction Rehab Centre

Addiction Rehab Centres

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Licensing & Credentials

Choose a facility that is licensed and registered by a reputable organisation such as the Board of Healthcare Funders, the National Hospital Network, the Hospital Association of South Africa and the Department of Social Development.

Doctors on Staff

Medical personnel are available at the treatment center. They are able to assist with the relief of withdrawal symptoms and are equipped to intervene in an emergency. An integrated approach is important where psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, pharmacists and nurses work together to ensure the patient receives the best care.

Onsite Medical Detox

Onsite medical detox ensures patients are being treated by a medical professional. This provides and environment for patients to continue their treatment programme uninterrupted. Each treatment plan is carefully developed to contain and treat the immediate problem as well as providing a constructive environment that helps develop a practical plan for life after the treatment plan concludes.

Customised Care Programmes

Each patient receives a course of treatment that is developed and administered according to their specific care needs. This includes an aftercare support plan to reduce the chance of relapse and provides practical resources for patients. The programme should be set up for the individual, and should offer integrated and family-oriented treatment.

Compassionate Support

Nurses and support staff make patients feel more comfortable and motivated toward treatment and recovery. Staff understand the care programme that has been developed and take active steps towards helping the patient fulfill their treatment. The priority should be to provide a provide a safe and welcoming environment in which the patient is carefully assessed and healing begins.